Welcome to my writing website.
Before I became a writer I was a teacher, an adult education tutor, a community development worker, a publicity and publications officer and a cashier in a betting shop, although not all at the same time! Maybe it was because I'd had so many different jobs and careers that when I decided I wanted to be a writer, I became a freelance journalist specialising in writing articles about work issues for national newspapers and magazines. I did that quite successfully for several years but I really wanted to write books so eventually I started doing that as well. 
After a few more years and a lot of upheaval in my personal life, I changed direction career-wise again and set up a "portfolio career" which is the trendy phrase for having more than one job. I became a designer and a crafter as well as a writer. However, when I turned 60 in January 2019, I decided I needed to "retire" from writing and crafting as a career so that I could concentrate on my designing. But rest assured, writing will always be my first love and is definitely the work I feel I was born to do. 
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