Published Work

I have had many articles, short stories and poems published in a wide variety of national newspapers, magazines and anthologies. I have also been placed and shortlisted in a large number of writing competitions.

Published Articles and Short Stories

Aquila, Bella, Business Opportunity World, Dateline Magazine, Executive PA, Executive Secretary, Freelance Writing and Photography, The Guardian, The Lady, The Leicester Mercury, Mature Tymes, My Weekly, The TES, The Times, Woman’s Realm, Woman’s Weekly, Writers’ Forum, Writing Magazine.

Published Poems

The Coffee House, Funny Poems To Give You The Giggles (OUP), How To Survive School (Macmillan), Iota, The Mammoth Book of Limericks (Constable & Robinson), Mslexia, The New Writer, Obsessed With Pipework, Poetry Digest, Poetry Monthly, Poetry Nottingham International, Quantum Leap, Sky Breakers (Earlyworks Press), The Trying Flapeze (OUP), The Universal Vacuum Cleaner (OUP), Weyfarers.


Writers’ News Freelance Journalist of the Year


Samples of Published Work


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Short Story

Murder In Mind

It was the perfect plan. Silently, Angie removed the murder weapon from the freezer and crept up behind her husband. She lifted the frozen chicken and held it high above his balding head. Mike turned round, jumped up quickly and slipped on the plastic bag of giblets that had fallen out of the wrapper.
     "Hoorah!" Angie yelled.
     Noticing Mike's bewildered expression, it occurred to Angie that he might have forgotten her instructions.
     "Honestly darling, don't you ever listen to a word I say? I told you I needed help with the ending of my latest short story."

Copyright 2010 Melissa Lawrence, first published in Sky Breakers Anthology published by Earlyworks Press.



Some Nights

Some nights, you just need burgers and chips
with cool-perfect onion rings,
slices of damp tomato
and sticky toffee pudding for afters.

Some nights, you just need dark, dreamboat sleep,
soothed by the somnambulant sirens
of the shipping forecast,
to a place where even dreams have ears.

Some nights, you just need steam-warm, silk-snagged skin,
pressed into the mirror of your thighs,
helping you to forget that today
someone laughed and pointed at a rainbow.

Copyright 2007 Melissa Lawrence, first published in The New Writer magazine.