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If I were to put all my skills, experience and interests into a computer and ask it what my ideal job should be, there is a good chance it would come up with freelance book publicist. A while ago, I didn’t even know such a job existed and it was only when a fellow writer asked me to do some research on companies that could help her market a self-published book and I spent the whole time thinking to myself “ I could do this” that I realised it was something I really, really wanted to do.  

Someone once said that writers often have big egos but low self-esteem. I’m not sure about the big ego bit but many writers I know (myself included) do seem to find it hard to promote and publicise their own work. So why not let me do it for you? I’m particularly keen to help authors who have lost their way a bit and are looking to relaunch their writing career or who just need some encouragement to believe in themselves more.  

I am happy to help publicise and promote any book you have had published whether it is with a traditional publisher or self-published. My only condition is that I need to feel one hundred per cent enthusiastic about your book and/or you as an author because otherwise, I know I won’t be able to do the best job I can for you. 

What will you get for your money?

 Here are just some of the things I can do for you, either as “one-off” items or as part of a wider publicity campaign. 

  • Advise on improving, consolidating and maintaining your online author presence including your website, blog and social media accounts.
  • Assist with any improvements or changes to your online author presence particularly your website design, branding, content, visitor interaction and points of sale. 
  • Create and distribute press releases for local, national and international online, print and broadcast media. 
  • Research, contact and liaise with subject-appropriate bloggers to see if they are interested in blogging about your book or inviting you to do a guest post on their blog. 
  • Design, source and produce promotional material such as postcards, bookmarks, small gift items eg key rings and mugs, subject to your budget and requirements. 
There are plenty more things I can help you with so please do get in touch to discuss your individual needs and the goals you would like to achieve for your book(s). 

How much will you have to pay? 

My standard fee is £15.00 an hour including VAT. This means that even for a full publicity campaign, you will be making a considerable saving compared with the prices many marketing companies charge. I can even design you a bespoke author website for around £300 including VAT which is a very competitive price indeed. 

If you would like to see an example of a bespoke author website that I have recently designed, please take a look here:

How can you find out more?  

If you think I may be able to help you, with absolutely no obligation to take things further at this stage, please feel free to contact me using the form on the Contact Me page or by emailing [email protected] 

Disclaimer: Please note that no publicist is able to guarantee that any campaign, however good, will generate the publicity that is required. However, it should greatly improve both your own and your book’s chances of gaining valuable attention. 


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